Revelator hill


Awe-inspiring master guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson is no stranger to the blues and rock world.  He cut his teeth learning to play in the old blues clubs of D.C. from the likes of Bobby Parker.  After honing his craft as a much sought after support man, Thompson decided to step out as a solo artist, releasing three albums since 2011.  A recent review from Roots Music Report claims Thompson’s songs portray "muscular blues- and soul-rock strong on soulful vocals and cut-above-the-norm originals."  With his smooth, gripping vocal stylings and his perfect musical taste on anything with a string, Thompson is what’s referred to as a “musician’s musician.  Considered a “must see” act of the Northeast region, Bobby was nominated for the D.C area Musician of the Year award in 2015.  

Revelator Hill is his latest collaboration with some of the finest rock and blues musicians in the Washington DC area, including Seth Morrissey (bass & vocals), Gary Crockett (drums & vocals), Wes Lanich (keyboards), and special guest member Ron Holloway (saxophone).  This group is wrought with deep emotion and blazes down the path pioneered by the great Jimi Hendrix, blending deeply-rooted blues traditions with a popular rock edge to create a sound that will stir every soul.



Vocals, Guitar / Bobby Thompson
Keyboards / Wes Lanich
Bass, Vocals / Seth Morrissey
Drums / Gary Crockett

Drums / Jeff Mills (tours)








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Bobby states, “The concept for this live album was inspired by the great live albums that have come before. I've been a rabid music collector over the years, and some of my favorite records are live. Initially I was not absolutely certain of the material that would make up this record, although I had a sketched idea. After recording in April, and touring in May and June of 2015, the ideas became more concrete. We played 7 shows the two weeks leading up to this recording event, and those were the shows that really developed into the IOTA set. There's no better way of testing the mettle of a band than to take it on the road. We had some of our best times playing in Boston, Montreal, Quebec City, and New York City, and of course, Washington DC. We had a few days to rest after getting back home, enough time to recoup the voices, change guitar strings, and tell all our friends to come to IOTA, July 10. 2015.”


IOTA is a medium-size quaint club in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., and has been a host to many acts that went on to international fame like Citizen Cope, Jack Johnson, and The North Mississippi Allstars. Opened in 1994, IOTA has brought in many local and national acts over the years, and retained a local following that has made it a mainstay on the DC music scene.




New Album 'RETROSPECT' ⋅ September 2017

by Bobby Thompson

RETROSPECT LP ⋅ September 2017 ⋅ Featuring 16 songs from 2007 to 2917 by Bobby Thompson, The Bobby Thompson Project, Blueheart Revival, and Revelator Hill

LIVE AT IOTA LP ⋅ September 2015 ⋅ Recorded and mixed by Sean Russell at IOTA CLUB & CAFE. Arlington VA. Recorded 7/10/2015

FORTUNES EP ⋅ Released February 2015 ⋅ Produced by Todd Wright and Mark Williams

STONE FEATHERS LP ⋅ Released November 2014 ⋅ Produced by Blueheart Revival

BY THE HAND LP ⋅ Released February 2011⋅ Produced by Gary Crockett

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.31.24 PM.png

"It’s said that no man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. It’s as though the moments and hours and days are no longer ours once we’ve lived them. Virginia-based musician Bobby Thompson takes hold of the last ten years song by song on his new compilation album, Retrospect.

In tune with the harvest season, this exciting record offers up a profound panorama of Thompson’s work, featuring sixteen songs that he’s written or covered over the last decade. Retrospect is Americana in the truest sense of the word. Thompson takes you through striking musical landscapes, from blues to folk, soul, and rock, offering kaleidoscopic glimpses of his musical roots." - TJ MAGAZINE (November 2017) ... read more


“Thompson delivers his own original style on every song in By the Hand with flawless precision. The talent heard here is not enhanced by the recording studio but rather by the musicians’ razor sharp execution. Each tune seemingly begs to be heard rumbling the walls of your favorite dive, dissipating the incoherent chatter of the locals in the background. From start to finish, By the Hand is an eclectic experience that at the same time does not loose sight of its blues rock roots, the source of Thompson’s inspiration.”

—  Dillon Frye, Magazine33

“With 'By The Hand', Bobby Thompson has drawn a line between his past and his future through these songs of hope and redemption. It is hard not to listen to this record and recognize an artist beginning to hit his creative stride.”

—  Jim Markel, Swampland

"When Bobby Thompson sings he sounds warm, reassuring ... As a result, Thompson's new album, "By the Hand," offers something for every blues fan." - Carl Abernathy, Cahl's Juke Joint Blog

—  Carl Abernathy, Cahl's Juke Joint

"Blues guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson has released his new CD 'By The Hand'... The CD is bluesy and mostly upbeat rock and roll. It goes to church sometimes, but still conjures images of devilish deals. It moves and moves you.'

— / Live Music Arlington VA

"By The Hand is a well-produced collection of songs, by a good singer-songwriter and guitarist Bobby Thompson, and if you love really well played blues influenced rock music then this album should be playing on your smart phone, your computer, in your car or whatever music device you are using these days.

—  Joe Montague, Riveting Riffs Magazine